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How Corruption Varies With Culture - 2982 Words

Corruption varies with culture Introduction Mr. Biswas, Mr. Lee and Mr. Lai are the natives of different countries. While doing business they face various difficulties due to corruption. It is hard to understand the practice of tipping in discrete cultures. In their country, organizations have to pay bribe in form of money or gift to the government officials to get their work done in an appropriate time to get the advantage over their competitors as well as to reduce their tax burdens. But due to difference in culture norms and values it is complicated to say that which activity is considered as immoral, unethical or illegal. Q-1) Corruption means actions taken to get personal benefits by providing goods and services secretly or†¦show more content†¦Hence, in some other countries organizations want the purchasing agent to deal with their companion or friends due to strong level of trust. He doesn’t even check their financial information, as they believe that it will disrespect others (Hooker 2003). Tipping refers to giving money as a gift to the workers with a good intention or when satisfied with the services provided by them (Lynn 1988). As Pearl (1985) states that consumers gives tips more then $9 billion annually in US. These tips are given mostly to those people who provide services such as bartenders, hairdressers, bellhops, designers, taxi drivers, delivery person (Star 1988). Tipping is an interesting form of consumer behavior and a major economic activity. Tipping in the private sector is a form of corruption as Eicher (2005) illustrates three criteria’s (a) The payment is optional and not compulsory (b) The size of payment can be bargained (c) Trust and social contract has not been broken. As, corruption contravenes all three conditions but tipping doesn’t as it is largely depend on social norms and customs. It is done due to various reasons- getting good services from the worker during future encounters (Bodvarsson and Gibson 1988), wish for social approval (Crespi 1947), a desire to payback for their work (Holloway 1985) and also for the sake of maintaining their status (Scott

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Literature Review on IT architecture Free Essays

string(141) " Federal Enterprise Architecture is defined as a method of creating enterprise architecture and thus also known as proscriptive methodology\." Literature Review Abstract The research is all about the use of information system in the organizations. There are many tools which are helpful in managing the whole organization. The business environment is getting highly competitive and many organizations are making strategies to grab the market share. We will write a custom essay sample on Literature Review on IT architecture or any similar topic only for you Order Now A company was selected in order to understand the scenario. A conceptual frames work was developed in the mind to present the problem. The IBM organization was selected to conduct the research. Literature review presents the important theories and concepts along with the importance of he information system in organization. The introduction of the research was done by analyzing the problem which organization face because of the information. Literature suggested many systems which can improve the processes of the organizations. There are many other systems which can increase the performance infrastructure of service quality. The literature was extracted from different articles which improved the report. The report has many suggestions for the organizations. The study of this report can give solution to many problems which the company faced in the current scenario. The comparison was done in the later part of the report and the scenario and literature was matched in order to find loopholes in the system and to provide solution to incapability. Table of Contents Introduction 4 Literature Analysis 4 Current practice section 7 Comparison of Literature and current practice 10 Conclusion 11 References Literature 12 References Current Practice 12 Introduction Enterprise architecture is the process in which operation and structure of an organization is defined. The intention in the process is to achieve future and current objectives. One of the most agreed upon viewpoint is where business perspective, applications perspective, information perspective and technology perspective is part of the future objectives a company is likely to foresee. The use of enterprise architecture includes properly documented processes, systems, infrastructure and applications. This assignment briefly discusses various theories of enterprise architecture particularly at the strategic level and thus explains the theory with a practical example which further glorifies the literature review. Literature Analysis The evolution of the enterprise information system and management is the core responsibility of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of the company. The CIO information processing and decision making is aided by the technique or process known as Enterprise Architecture. A model based planning and management approach to evaluate management wise information system is called enterprise architecture. The complexity of business supporting system and its significance has been addressed in this enterprise architectural approach. The planning and problem information system is under the responsibility of the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Thus, it can be rightly stated that enterprise architecture is the best way to aid decision making of CIO (Stated et al. AAA). According to Eriksson and Pinker (2000), the importance of a good modeling framework should be emphasizes in the organization but the reason of choosing one model over the other is ambiguous. As a basic question, the model should be able to answer the questions pertaining to the reasons it is designed for. The enterprise architecture is successful in answering the question. The dilemma is to explore the probable questions the model is able to answer. In the enterprise architecture model it is possible to come across the questions of why and how of using the framework or model. In order to mitigate the risk involved, organizations can simply produce more than one model to select the most adequate one. Analysis of the enterprise architectures The decision making as followed by CIO can help in studying the architectural analysis model. The first step is to formulate scenario, the need to recognize the options available to the CIO is the foremost step in order to foresee the information system of an organization. The possible future states of the company can be conjured by performing this step. The next step is to determine the criteria to decide upon; in this step criteria allow CIO to set a benchmark to evaluate different models. One of the important questions needed in setting the criteria are to find out business support, IT security and availability. In this paper, architectural theory or criteria is used to evaluate the model. After setting the criteria the next step is to analyze scenario, in which case one of the criteria is selected to evaluate both models and then so on and so forth. Stated et al. (AAA) explain that next, the firm undertakes the selection of the scenario where process selection of the model takes place on the Asia of the chosen criteria and the support offer to the decision making of CIO. Stated et al. (AAA) further elaborates stating that the birth of the enterprise architecture took place twenty years ago and designed to address two problems poor business alignment and system complexity. In poor business alignment the problem of IT system to align it with the cost is addressed. Kanji, H. And Burns, P. (2011) add that in system complexity entails the need to develop IT systems. The basic idea is to serve the organization with less cost involved but providing more value and utility. However, according to the theory of Stated et al. (AAA), the complexity and cost of these IT systems implemented in the organization have dramatically emphasized by now globally whereas the real value derived from the systems have decreased. Kanji, H. And Burns, P. 2011) stresses that the giant organizations fail to ignore such problems therefore the field of enterprise architecture is powerfully prophetic in the world today. Some methodologies of enterprise architecture are widely used in the world today however the large field makes use of mainly four methodologies. According to Kanji and Burns (201 1), the taxonomy is given another name to the work of Coachman and is termed as the first methodology of the Enterprise architecture (EAI). Another methodology known as the Open Group Architectural Framework (TOGA) is more precisely or accurately defined as the process. The Federal Enterprise Architecture is defined as a method of creating enterprise architecture and thus also known as proscriptive methodology. You read "Literature Review on IT architecture" in category "Literature" The practice of architectural enterprise is known as the Gardner methodology. As articulated by Coachman (1982), the Canaan framework for enterprise is recognized s a framework which is contrary to the definition of the framework. The framework is defined as something that serves as a skeleton structure for construction. The second name given to the approach of Coachman is taxonomy and by definition it is a classification in ordered systems of organisms to give a natural relationship. The Coachman framework is in simple ways taxonomy and organizing of architectural artifacts for instance models, documents and specifications. According to Coachman (1982), the enterprise manufacturing and engineering is around for more than thousand years and will remain for longer. However Kanji and Burns (2011) stress that the understanding of the process is changed with respect to time. The Canaan is the most frequently used technique in large firms due to ease of application and best responses. It is also desirable to cater for necessary complexities of the system design while Enterprise Architecture. Kanji and Burns (2011) also support the Open Group Architecture Framework (GOFF) which is which primarily used within four categories namely business architecture, application architecture, data architecture and technical architecture. The business recess to meet the desired goals is described in the business architecture. The designing of the application and their probable interaction is studied under application architecture. The access and organizing of the data store is termed under data architecture. Finally technical structure talks about the hardware and software to cater for application and access (Stated et al. , 2004). Kanji and Burns (2011) also explain the Federal Enterprise Architecture (FEE) which is done to amalgamate ubiquitous and functions under enterprise architecture. But Moms (2007) contends stating that this new methodology apparently s in the infancy stage so no noticeable work can be seen in the organization and there is not much talk about its failure. The last methodology employed in the Enterprise architecture (EAI) is Gardner. It is the practice rather than a process of an IT and research consulting organization Gardner. Literature Analysis summary The Enterprise Architecture is more of a theory than any thing practical. Above some methodologies are stated that shows different approaches to the EAI and can be studied when considering different perspective. It can also vary with respect to the difference in opinion or difference in practice. These four approaches may be used by Giant Corporations to address different engineering, business and manufacturing issues. The large corporations are entitled to use complex systems which necessitate such EAI methodologies. Current practice section The implementation of the architectural enterprise is not resulted from designing the software or relating it with different business units. The organization itself along with processes affected must be changed sometimes in order to show flexibility and competency in the business functions. IBM has used EAI model in the multi-brand enterprise and multi divisional enterprise. The purpose of this model is to enhance the debate and sharing among the top executives within organization. It is also designed to reach at a common goal by ignoring most of the differences and reaching to the potential outcome. The global system practices are avoided by the corporations if the intended outcome is local profit and loss only. In multi-local enterprises where PL are regarded as the parameters to measure performance and that other performance measure are nonexistent. In this way two avenues left open for such kind of EAI. The first that change in the incentive system is needed to address the issue. In this way enterprise sharing of resource or enterprise integration can be enhanced which was much needed at MOM. The EAI system as employed in the IBM is based on four consenting I. E. Shared identity and purpose, common bonds of performance, shared knowledge and shared infrastructure. These elements when used together can help in integrating the organization with its functions (Gravesend, 2012). Figure 1 . Four factors necessary for integrating the organization Source: Adapted from Shoal S. And Grafton L. â€Å"Integrating the Enterprise. † MIT Sloan Management Review, Fall 2002, and Well P. , Suburban’s M. , and Broadband M. IT Infrastructure for Strategic Agility. MIT Center for Information Systems Research Working Paper No. 329, April 2002 The CIO organization or IBM business transmission integrates all the business units across geographies and transform strategic business priorities into initiatives of transformation. The company is entitled for maintaining IT Landscape as per the strategic roadman provided. According to Gravesend (2012), any organization does require strateg ic planning. It provides them the leverage to enhance their capabilities and gives them a direction. There are many aspects of planning which collectively make a strategic plan. Strategic planning helps keep focus on the area that is most responsible for boosting the profit levels and overall performance of organization. Since it leads organization to be focused it automatically makes organization polish its skills that are more required in running the business in an efficient and effective way. Innovation and new offerings are always very important for any company to increase its sales. Variety in new products is the obvious way but the manager must work on the execution of the issuance of new product because most of the times poorly executed new offering perform poorly ND they end up in big losses. The basic need to implement EAI in the organization focused on the provision of the information and successful strategies in order to feed in the data before hand. This information should be sufficient enough for both stakeholders I. E. Team designing the software as well the top managers making use of the information stored. In order to address loop holes in the system, a best- practice approach must be used in the system. The imposed system should be open to any kind of re purposing and time should be saved by doing re purposing instead of re-inventing. Secondly, it is desirable that system provides future state of the IT landscape along with existing risk and cost analysis. One way of getting growth is to take full advantage of learning curve and utilizing economies of scale. Learning curve makes you more efficient in your production process. It tells you how to fully utilize your resources. Economies of scales help in reduction of average cost because of factors like managerial specialization and buying power. Strategic implementation is an ongoing process of an organization’s plans which they made in order to survive and to earn profit for a longer period of time. It consists of series of action plans which are integrated to each other. Strategic implementation of the plans which were proposed for the extension and growth are very vital. The long term strategy can help them create a loyal customer and to get more profitable branches which can earn profit for at least five years. The implementation of EAI is found successful in the organization and supports the business functions across geographies. The Enterprise architecture used in the IBM is supported by Coachman methodology. His model is based on the integration of the organization which is clearly addressed in this section (lbs., 2013). Comparison of Literature and current practice Literature has enlightened many aspects of the information which can help any organization to prosper. The problem which they are facing is that they do not use any information system which integrates the employees. They are lacking in the internal information. According to literature there are many tools which will help the organization to increase their productivity. Software like management information system, decision support system and others can help to improve the information flow within the organization. The current situation is that they are losing customers because of the service delivery time. Information system will align all the departments and will provide the information about the customer which will increase the overall flow of information. Literature suggests that internal and external flow of information is very important for all the organization. Stakeholders must be contacted in decision making process. Decision support system integrates all the stakeholders and provides the best possible solution to any business scenario. Internal information with the organization must be improved and transaction recessing system will be helpful to record all the business transactions. It was found in literature that information and feedback from employees and customer is very important and many organizations lose their customers because of this issue. Conclusion The report provides many aspects and after analyzing the literature and the other aspect it was found that companies must include information system in their system. It was found that communication with stakeholders is very important for any organization. They are the pillar of organization and help to build the reputation of NY organization. Organizations must contact different stakeholders and must take their views about the problems they are facing. The other dimensions which were found that management information system, decision support system and other systems are enhancing the capabilities of the organization. In service industry, the most important part is service delivery and these information systems are contributing to increase the performance. Internal and external sources of information are found very important for the organizations and they help to analyze the need of customer. How to cite Literature Review on IT architecture, Essays

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Castle Island free essay sample

I don’t really remember, but I think I first went to Castle Island two years ago when I caught a random bus in front of my school, wondering where it would take me. I got off the bus when I saw water, figuring, not falsely, that I was somewhere along Boston’s coastline. What Castle Island stand out from all the other places that I like going to is that it is always full of people. Castle island, like Deer Island to the north of it, is not a true island. It is a peninsula that juts out from South Boston with an old fort standing on it. The whole island looks like a crescent which surrounds Pleasure Bay. On windy days, as many as twenty kitesurfers flood the bay, and on calm days swim teams challenge themselves to swim from one end to the other. Because Pleasure Bay is alike to many lakes in inland Boston, the island is a favorite spot for many joggers, walkers, and bicyclists. We will write a custom essay sample on Castle Island or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page In the summer, families come out there to swim, or eat while watching their children play. One of my favorite things about Castle Island are the planes that land close by. On most days, planes fly directly overhead much closer than I see them anywhere else before their landing in Logan since one of the airport’s longest runways is directly behind the peninsula. In the future I want to design things that will allow people to fly, and being such, planes have always fascinated me. Whenever I go to the island I am reminded of that dream and can spend a long time just looking up at the sky. However the planes I see at Castle Island arent my favorite thing about the place. If I were to paint a picture of Castle Island, my first thought would be to paint myself standing there, with the Boston harbor and its islands behind me, a hint of a rainbow in the background with grey rain clouds, and a plane just overhead taking up a lot of space on the canvas. However a much better picture would be looking over the peninsula at the people who were there exclaiming ‘Look there are two rainbows!’ to each other, which I was able to notice thanks to them, the people who go there on windy days to kitesurf, the joggers, walkers, loiterers, swimmers, and families who come there every day. My favorite thing about the island is that unlike the grim people I see on the trains and busses, who never seem look around them, the people I see at Castle Island are able to take time out of their days and schedules to come there to simply enjoy the view. I am reminded that although they may look grim in the mornings or evenings, each person I meet is living in a dream of their own.

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Trabajo 4 Bimestre Essays - DraftCarmen Herrera,

Trabajo 4 Bimestre Ana Christina Vos Garcia de Alba 2B N.L #24 Materia: Redaccion Maestra: Carla Rivero Fecha de entrega: 20/04/16 7480300top 3460099000 Aun lo recuerdo como si hubiera sido ayer, todavia puedo revivir la emocion y felicidad que senti ese dia. Tenia yo 3 anos y vivia en Holanda. Es dificil pensar que han pasado mas de 12 anos y que la experiencia sea aun tan tangible en mi mente. Era pleno verano, la mejor temporada en Holanda. Consideremos que en Holanda por casi 10 meses al ano hace frio y que la mayor parte del tiempo llueve. Pero al llegar el verano toda la gente y los lugares se transforman. Las personas se visten con ropa mas ligera y colorida, las mujeres finalmente muestran los pies al caminar en sus sandalias, los hombres permanecen felizmente por horas sentados tomando una cerveza en una de las muchas terrazas que los restaurantes abren en esta temporada ; todo mundo es feliz, todos incluyendo hasta los ninos. A bandonamos nuestro capullo para convertirnos en hermosas y alegres mariposas! Llevaba dias esperando este gran dia. En mi mente de 3 anitos no parecieron dias, parecieron interminables meses, pero al fin habia llegado el gran momento. Ese dia iria junto con mi prima Linde al mas increible parque de atracciones de toda Holanda, el Ef teling , un parque como ningun otro que lleva existiendo desde 1952 con algunas modificaciones claro. Lo que distingue a este parque de cualquier otro es que todo el tema gira alrededor de las fabulas y fantasia Ya llevabamos horas en el parque, disfrutando de cada momento, y de repente mi prima Linde y yo vemos a Pardoes a lo lejos. Gritamos las dos, y corrimos hacia el. Mis tios, papas de mi prima Linde, con quienes fuimos en esta ocasion al parque, apenas si nos podian seguir el paso. Corrimos, lo abrazamos y nos regalo a cada una un globo que conserve por meses hasta que se desinflo por completo. Pardoes se arrodillo, me abrazo y en ese momento mis tios nos tomaron la foto a mi prima y a mi . Oh, que gran momento. Si pudiera describir la felicidad con una foto, esta seria la foto elegida. En la imagen destacan unos globos amarrados a un un palito blanco que teniamos en la mano mi prima y yo. Los glob os tienen la cara de Pardoes , el personaje tematico del parque, que es un duende que va vestido como arlequin, trae puesto una especie de vestido color rojo, y a la cintura trae amarrado un gran cinturon color marron, sus zapatos son rojos y terminan en forma puntiaguda, trae un collarin en el cuello de color amarillo con picos y de este van colgando unas borlitas , el sombrero que trae es color rojo, es de gran tamano y tiene colgado 3 campanas que suenan cuando este camina. Su cara se caracteriza por unos ojos muy grandes y abiertos de forma ovalada , una sonrisa amplia y unas chapas muy rozadas. Teniamos 3 anos aproximadamente mi prima y yo, ella es tan solo 6 meses mayor que yo, y siempre fuimos muy unidas y buenas amigas. Nuestro caracter es muy diferente, pero precisamente esto hace que nos complementemos perfecta mente desde chiquitas. Fisicamente mi prima era gera con pelo lacio y corto, yo con pelo marron y chino. En la imagen t engo puesto un overol de mezclilla con un bordado de Minnie M ouse, combinado con una playera y tenis rosas. Mi prima trae un pantalon rosa claro , una playera con rayas blancas y rosas, y unos zapatos de color negro. Detras sale Pardoes abrazandonos par a tomar nos la foto. Se pueden ver al fondo unos adoquines de color rojo oscuro, que eran el suelo. Resaltan las caras que teniamos mi prima y yo de felicidad, y gusto al tomarnos una foto con e l unico e inigualable Pardoes . Grandes sonrisas y colores forman esta imagen que tan buenos recuerdos me trae. Ese dia termino, de seguro acabamos rendidas y dormidas en el trayecto a la casa, pero con memorias que permanecerian por siempre con nosotras. Los anos pasaron y e sta pasada Navidad del 2015

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SPS 032 Growing My 8-Figure Business With a Book with Ryan Deiss

SPS 032 Growing My 8-Figure Business With a Book with Ryan Deiss SPS 032: Growing My 8-Figure Business With a Book with Ryan Deiss 2 SharesRyan Deiss has taken email marketing, sales funnels, and creating and selling products to another level. He is the founder and CEO of DigitalMarketer which is a premier online community for anyone marketing online. Ryan and his team have invested over $15,000,000 on marketing tests, have generated tens of millions of unique visitors, sent over a billion emails, and have run over 3000 split tests. Today, Ryan shares his marketing expertise as we talk about his book the Invisible Selling Machine which is all about email marketing and is also based on a product that supplies marketing email templates. Ryan shares how a book is a great tool to jumpstart a business and the importance of having a back end in place. He also used a unique webinar concept to test the title and write the book fast. Ryan shares how he and his editor collaborated and then how he edited everything to make sure it was in his voice. He also shares insights into marketing, writing, and being an effective ent repreneur. Â  You can find Ryan here: DigitalMarketer Ryan Deiss LinkedIn @RyanDeiss Twitter Ryan Deiss facebook Invisible Selling Machine Books by Ryan DeissShow Notes [01:49] Ryan feels that books are timeless because people get it. Ryan wrote The Invisible Selling Machine because he had something to say and there werent a lot of books about this topic. [03:27] The book is great as media and a lead generation tool. A book isnt a business, a book jump starts a business. [04:15] After the book Ryan had the next step which was The Invisible Selling Machine template product. The concept stands alone and that information is the foundation of the book. [04:59] Even though he had a course on the topic, writing the book took a lot of effort. Ryan had to think through how to teach the concepts. [06:21] Ryan created a webinar and split tested titles to get the title for the book. The webinar bullet points were on the back of the book. [07:16] He wanted the story in the webinar to create a foundation and then share the result. Then he wrote a step by step and addressed objections and it turned out to be a good format for a book. Ryan had an editor that helped turn the webinar into the book, then Ryan rewrote a lot of it. [10:49] How its important for a book to stand on its own and not just be a disguised sales letter. [15:15] The importance of turning a glance into a stare with a title and subtitle. [15:45] How Ryan accidently sent the wrong cover to the editors and how the printer messed up on the first print. He was so disappointed to see his first copies looking so bad. He had 10,000 copies and was able to use them for a free promotion with paid shipping only. [24:13] Ryan has total control over his book and he uses it for marketing purposes that he controls. [24:56] His book has produced millions of dollars of revenue for him and he owns all of it. He doesnt want to have to buy from a publisher to use his book as a tripwire. Although, someday he may go the trad itional route. [26:14] One of the biggest issues with using a publisher is the timeline. If you take your advance and put it back into the campaign it would be effective, but 12 to 18 months is a deal killer. [29:03] The importance of having a funnel in place before you public the book. There needs to be steps in between like additional training or mini-classes. [30:39] He also made a quick optional upsell video. It was passive, but it performed well. [32:24] Having a permission based micro commitment upsell. [33:54] The thank-you page had another video which also gave away free videos. Which are used as a perpetual launch. He is also driving facebook ads to the book which will always sell because of the backend. [37:02] For immediate revenue it came from the Secret Selling upsell. The 30 and 60 day revenue was trumped by The Machine. [38:43] Ryan uses that money to put back into the campaign to get subscribers for Digital Marketer Labs. You have to reinvest money if you want to grow. [40:11] People want new products. With a membership, you can deliver the new without selling the new. [43:00] People join membership groups to have a community. [44:57] How Ryan hired key people who are responsible for his membership even a dedicated community manager for the facebook group. [48:23] How the team tracks campaigns to make sure they are effective. How a $500 buy on facebook ads is a good risk. Its hard for Ryans team to justify a funnel that goes past 90 days. Â   [50:47] The importance of the cost of customer acquisition and customer lifetime value. Looking for ways to maximize the value of the customer. [52:39] The dangers of big companies getting too comfortable and dying a slow death. [53:13] How Ryans business isnt a launch centric business. [54:24] How having subscription revenue and ongoing sales and products is so much safer than the launch model as the sole method of selling.

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How Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs (1992) influenced by the French Essay

How Tarantino's Reservoir Dogs (1992) influenced by the French New Wave - Essay Example In the film, Tarantino cuts some scenes and moves to other scenes in a manner that the audience is able to note that some scenes are not there. The Reservoir Dogs has a non-linear narration just like the French New Wave films. This is evident where Tarantino introduces the past life of some characters and then comes back to the present. The Reservoir Dogs film also makes references to films produced earlier including Get Christie Love and The Lost Boys films. The referencing of films produced earlier, in a film was a common characteristic of the French New Wave films (Conard, 2008, p.108). In terms of the formal elements of the film, the film employed the on-location shooting concept. Tarantino shoots about a quarter of an hour in one particular location and entry of new character in the scene happens without cutting of the shot. According to Neupert (2007, p.39) the French New Wave films were produced on a low-budget and location of shooting was not costly. The use of handheld cameras which was also a popular concept during the French New Wave can also be seen in the Tarantino’s